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Poncho Firewalker 2016 :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 2 14 Hardosaur Thigh Bone :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 5 0
A True Knight and a Fair Maiden
She felt cold and lonely.
She was used, abused, lied to, cheated, manipulated, and struck down by many.
They had warm, yet hollow words to lure her in.  Empty promises that harden her.
She is constantly surrounded by those who wish to use her or to destroy her, forcing her to retreat into a ball.
Never feeling love
True love
He felt cold and lonely.
He felt weathered, battered, tired, cold, and hardened.
He has experienced many hardships that tested the armor that covers him and has caused him to become hard as his armor and fearful to remove it.
He has experienced it all, from battles to heart breaks.
That is why he always had his armor on, shield front and sword swinging.
Careful to not let anyone come close.
Always fighting
Always armed
Always alone
As she was surrounded by the demons of lies and destruction, she continues to curl up in a ball.
Shutting herself off from another coming near her.
As they taunt and tempt, she curls up t
:iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 3 2
Preserving and Reviving the Skull
In 1933, a single discovery, a single event has changed and shook the world forever.
Carl Denham, a rumored controversial movie-director, has brought and showed to the world a true wonder.
Not a movie, but a creature.....
Neither man, nor beast.....
An ape, 20 feet tall and weighing in at 5 tons.....
This beast's discovery brought awe, wonder, shock,
and terror.
When Kong was shot down from the Empire State Building, the story of his own life might've ended....
But the story of his homeland:
The infamous Skull Island.
Just as mysterious or even more so than Kong, Skull Island was a island that harbored wonders and horrors from a bygone age.  This land provided scientists their wildest dreams and worst nightmares.  It began a new age for scientists and the end of the lives of many people.
After it's discovery, many expeditions went to the island to observe and expose it's secrets . . . . . with only a few coming back with some answers
:iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 1 72
Raptor killing Pterosaur (not the preview photo) :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 1 0 A Dream I Had..... :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 7 7 The White 'Ape' of Mars :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 8 49
CP Idea 1
John had a view across a vast dry savanna grassland, with a broad river coursing through the center.  On either side of the river, animals grazed and browsed.  In the south, there was a herd of perhaps eighty creatures that had the body and size of humpless camels, with tapir-like heads, grazing on tall elephant grass with their short trunks.
Nearby, Josh saw eight knuckle-walking creatures with horse-like heads by the river; they drank and lifted their heads, grunting with satisfaction.  Directly ahead, they saw a lone Uintatherium browsing on a large scrub bush, with it's canine-like tusks hooking onto twigs and branches, with it's elephantine tail wagging side to side.  The long-horned bison herd the group saw earlier, moved slowly past the Uiantatherium, who paid no attention to them.  And to the west, a couple of Indricotheres stood by, browsing on a tall single tree on the plain.
It was a tranquil scene......
but it was a scene from a
:iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 0 0
BA moment idea 1
*hero* threw his hostage to the side of a car and grabbed him by the collar.
His hostage looks at *hero* and says "Please...don't kill me!"
*hero* brought his hostage close to his own face and said "Oh, you'll be begging for death when I'm thru with you!"
"Please....I..I just following orders!"
*hero*'s eyes grew wide and he asked "What are you talking about?"
His hostage looks away and says "Nothing, I said too much."
*hero* got his hostage to look at his raging eyes and said "No, you didn't said enough."
*hero* dragged his hostage to the edge of a nearby cliff, got the hostage's legs tied up to a long piece of rope, looks at the hostage, and says "Tell what I need to know or you're gonna have a permanent trip."
The hostage says "No."
Suddenly after that, *hero* pushes the hostage over and the hostage falls down screaming.
After a couple of yards, *hero* grabs the rope (stopping the hostage's falling) and pulls him up.
As this was happening, the hostage says "Okay okay, I'll ta-"
:iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 1 0
Bubbles :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 13 11 Uncle and Niece :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 7 39 Earo Reverso :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 0 0 Okapi :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 9 13 Impatient :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 7 5 The Face of the Forest :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 1 4 Hello there, Man-Cub :iconponchofirewalker01:PonchoFirewalker01 4 6

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Poncho Firewalker
United States
My friends call me Poncho Firewalker

That is my nickname and I tell my true name to only my friends and the ones I trust (don't take it the wrong way, please).

I am 27 years old, but have the soul of a 15 yr old.

I love Nature and Animals, since they are God's Creations.

I might be called a Christian, but I prefer a Follower of Jesus Christ.

I am single and looking for the girlfriend that is made for me and who I can take care of and love.

I am a cowboy, as you can see, and I love the country life.

Being autistic does not mean that I am stupid.

I am a Christian by religion & Faith and I am a American/Native American/British/Spanish/Irish/Japanese/etc. by culture.

By blood, as far as I know, contains that of British, Cherokee, Irish, and Scottish

Current Residence: In the U.S. of A
Favourite genre of music: Religious, country, and slow love songs
Personal Quote: "Be what you want to be, just be the best one you can be and in the right way" -Abe Lincoln (sorta)

"If you can't do it one way, do it the other way." -Poncho Firewalker

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love & Believe
-------††††-------In God

----[]--- Put this
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----[]--- not embarrassed
----[]--- to tell
----[]--- others that
----[]--- your a
----[]--- Christian
While watching philosophical debates by Captain Picard on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series, I was also reading some articles about the idea of bringing back extinct species of animals, the woolly mammoth in particular.

This is one of the articles in question:…

For those who are not familiar with this, here's a short version of it: You can't clone a woolly mammoth by using ancient tissue (for you need an intact cell, as opposed to just DNA, to fully resurrect a woolly mammoth) since even the most intact tissue is still in terrible condition. So, instead of cloning, scientists plan to use genetic-modification. By using a tool called CRISPR, scientists could modify elephants with traits of mammoth, via using the fragmented mammoth DNA that has been discovered. By doing this, you shall get a mammoth-like creature.

And the big question is this: Doesn't this mean that we're just making a hairy elephant?

I often ask myself that question as well and my mind soon came with the reply that asks:

"Isn't a woolly mammoth technically just a hairy elephant?"

At this, a scenario has popped in my head:

You go to a lab-zoo and you see two 'woolly mammoths'. They both look the same, but have some subtle differences (but you could very easily write those off as just individual differences). As you look at them, you can definitely believe that they both genuine woolly mammoths; as in they are hairy, they love the cold, and seem to have reached your expectations of the said species they are claimed to be.

Then, you got a hand on a paper that shows you their DNA. From this paper, while not saying which is which, you learn that one of them has been genetically-modified with the woolly hair of a mammoth, the insulating fat of a mammoth, and the anti-freeze hemoglobin of a mammoth. That seems to not bother you, but then you see the DNA of the other 'mammoth'. You learned that the other 'mammoth' was genetically-modified with the wooly hair of a musk-ox, the insulating fat of a beluga whale, and the anti-freeze hemoglobin of a polar bear.

With this in mind, you were then asked this:

"Which one is truly a 'woolly mammoth'?"

In this question, I would say that the 'mammoth' with actual mammoth genes would be the more mammoth, more so than the one with musk ox/beluga whale/polar bear genes. Because the mammoth is just as much as an elephant as the polar bear is a bear. The 'mammoth' with genes of other species would perhaps be more deemed as a foreign creature than the one with mammoth genes (although it doesn't make it any less than of an elephant than a pig with a spinach gene make it more vegetable than animal).

At least, this is some of my thoughts of it. You agree or not? What are your thoughts?

*Posted this on my blog as well (called "Austin's Animal Archives"); here if you want to see the blog austinsanimalarchives.blogspot… *
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